facebend.icn: Program to generate caricatures

October 7, 1997; Gregg M. Townsend
Requires: Version 9 graphics
This file is in the public domain.

Facebender is a caricature generator.  Read in an image and use the
left mouse button to pick the key points as prompted.  Click the
right button to skip a feature.  Pull down "drawing" on the display
menu to see the caricature.  Move the slider to change the distortion.


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Reprinted in two collections of his columns, both from W. H. Freeman:
The Armchair Universe (1988) and The Tinkertoy Computer (1993).

Susan E. Brennan, "Caricature Generator: The Dynamic Exaggeration of
Faces by Computer."  Leonardo, Vol.18 no.3, 1985, pp. 170-178.

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