isd2ill.icn: Program to create images from ISDs

April 23, 2000; Ralph E. Griswold
Requires: Version 9 graphics
This file is in the public domain.

This program creates Encapsulated PostScript and GIF image files from

The following options are supported:

     -g      draw grid lines on drawdown
     -h      hold windows open in visible (-v) mode
     -p      add showpage for printing
     -s i    cell size, default 6
     -v      show images during creation; default, don't

Other options to be added include the control of layout and orientation.

Names of ISDs are taken from the command line.  For each, six Encap-
PostScript files are created:

     <base name>_tieup.eps (if given)
     <base name>_liftplan.eps (if given)
     <base name>_threading.eps
     <base name>_treadling.eps
     <base name>_drawdown.eps
     <base name>_pattern.eps (colored "drawdown")

Corresponding GIFs also are produced.

Future plans call for handling "shaftplans" specifying what diagrams
are wanted.

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