Declared CS Majors - Bachelor of Science

All declared Computer Science majors should meet with their major advisor each semester to create (or verify) a plan to complete their remaining degree requirements, and to confirm their potential graduation date.

Please note that students may take no more than three CSC courses per semester.

Once you are declared in the Computer Science major, you are eligible to register yourself for your CSC courses through UAccess during the priority registration period (early- to mid-November). (Check the prerequisites for these courses on UAccess, [Also link to chart.]) In addition to pre-major courses, to complete major requirements, BS students must complete the following 10 courses requirements before graduation:

  • CSC 252 (major core)
  • CSC 335 (major core)
  • CSC 345 (major core)
  • CSC 352 (major core)
  • 1 Paradigms course (from CSC 343, 372, 422, or 460)
  • 1 Theory & Writing course (from CSC 437, 445, 450, or 473)
  • 1 Systems course (from CSC 452 or 453)
  • 1 additional 300/400 level course (see list below)
  • 2 additional 400 level courses (see list below)

Spring 2022 CSC major courses include:

Course title major core 300/400 level 400 level category
CSC 252 Computer Organization x      
CSC 317 Mobile Application Programming   x    
CSC 335 Object-Oriented Programming and Design x      
CSC 337 Web Programming   x    
CSC 343 Human Computer Interaction   x x Paradigms
CSC 345 Analysis of Discrete Structures x      
CSC 352 Systems Programming and Unix x      
CSC 372 Comparative Programming Languages   x x Paradigms
CSC 380 Principles of Data Science   x x  
CSC 382 Software Development in C++   x    
CSC 422 Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Programming   x x Paradigms
CSC 425 Computer Networking   x x  
CSC 433 Computer Graphics   x x  
CSC 445 Algorithms   x x Theory & Writing
CSC 452 Principles of Operating Systems   x x Systems
CSC 453 Compilers and Systems Software   x x Systems
CSC 460 Database Design   x x Paradigms
CSC 466 Computer Security   x x  
CSC 473 Automata, Grammars and Languages   x x Theory & Writing
CSC 477 Introduction to Computer Vision   x x  
  • You should meet with your CS advisor every semester, in October and March. (You can see who your advisor is at your UAccess Student Center. Click on "Advising", then "View Advisors".) You are welcome to meet with your advisor more often than once per semester, if you like.
  • As you progress through the major CSC courses, you should also take courses toward your general education requirements, and toward your supporting math and supporting science requirements (shown on your advisement report). ("General education requirements" may include English, Math, Second Language, Gen Ed Tier 1, and Gen Ed Tier 2.)
  • If you are planning to begin taking courses toward a minor next semester, you should declare your minor by the end of October. Contact an advisor in the minor department to declare your minor, and to be advised on courses toward your minor. You can see the list of available minors here.
  • It is generally recommended that you take 14-16 units per semester. Time to graduation is dependent upon many factors, including transfer units, math placement, second language placement, course availability, summer or winter coursework, minor requirements, and when you enter the major. Academic advising is available to assist all students pursuing a Computer Science degree. However, it is the student's responsibility to read the online catalog, seek advising, and meet all requirements for the completion of the degree as stated in the catalog.
  • If you are planning to graduate in May (or August) 2022, you must apply for graduation via UAccess and meet with your CS major advisor to complete the required graduation paperwork in November, December, or January - AFTER you are registered for your Spring 2022 courses.