Alonso Minjarez

Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Senior

Advises (Last names R-Z)

Office: GS 917

About Me

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from The University of Arizona and completed my Counseling Master’s degree in 2003. I have served as Academic Advisor at UA for over 12 years. I also advised low income & first-generation STEM students at Pima Community College for 5 years, where I accomplished above 92% success rate in persistence, retention and university transfer rates of underprivileged students.

I started as Academic Advisor for Computer Science students in August 2020. As academic advisor I give students friendly, honest and caring service. I strive to simplify requirements for their degree to eliminate student stress and their focus is on their coursework. When required, my method is “tough love” as I care for the success of every student I advise. I like to think of myself as an honest advocate for students and have always been fearless in speaking up for what is right in any situation. 

During my free time I like spending time with my mother, fitness, wine tasting & collecting (Pinot Noir tends to be my favorite), hanging out by my pool and traveling to find the best health/wellness spas and surfing spots! However, I have not traveled much in the past 10 years due to a terrifying flight experience that I am still working to overcome. I listen to music more than reading or watching TV. I can listen to Mariachi music all day long! 

Favorite book: The Power of NOW

Favorite movies: “The Green Mile”, “Volver”, “Up”

Favorite quotes: 

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” -Martin Luther King Jr.

“Life is a game of luck, be happy because were lucky to life it”. -Matthew Deselms