Teng Liang

PhD Student

Office: GS 718

Interests: Computer networks, named data networking


Teng Liang is a PhD student in the Network Research Lab at the University of Arizona's Computer Science Department, advised by Professor Beichuan Zhang. Prior to joining the lab, Teng earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology from Beijing Institute of Technology. Before undergradate education, Teng had six-year middle education in Chendu Foreign Language School. At UA, Teng works with Professor Beichuan Zhang on Named Data Networking, an entire new network architecture (a.k.a. Information-Centric Networking).

​​​​​Research Interests

I am interested in widely deploying NDN to utilize its unique architectural benefits. To achieve the goal, my research work can be summarized as building native NDN systems at edge networks (such as a smart home network and sensor data collection in wireless sensor network), studying how to enable existing applications with NDN capabilities (by providing an application-level protocol translation proxy), and studying in-network NDN deployment (which I am currently working on). In addition, I am a developer of the NDN Forwarding Deamon, a network forwarder that implements and evolves together with the Named Data Networking (NDN) protocol.

What long-term project do you want to work on?

Named Data Networking Deployment.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

To participate in studying and building the future Internet architecture that can better network data, services and users in the world makes me excited.

What are your career goals?

To build a team and make our work impactful.

​​​​Tell us something interesting about yourself!

I like doing sports, and my favorite one is soccer. I have been playing soccer in local leagues for four years in Tucson. Since the early of this year, I have been learning Krav Maga, and I am enjoying it.