Pre-Computer Science Majors

Here is general CSC advising for current Pre-Computer Science majors for the Spring 2022 semester:

current csc course(s) - fall 2021

next semester's csc course(s) - spring 2022 notes
Taking CSC 101 (or MATH 112) Take CSC 110. The prerequisite for CSC 110 is a "C" or higher in CSC 101 (or MATH 112).
Taking CSC 110 (or ISTA 130 or ECE 175) Take CSC 120 and CSC 144 (unless you plan to take 2 CSC courses at UA in Summer 2022). The prerequisite for CSC 120 is a "C" or higher in CSC 110 (or ISTA 130 or ECE 175).
Taking CSC 120 Take CSC 210 and CSC 245. The prerequisite for CSC 210 and CSC 245 is a "C" or higher in CSC 120.
Taking CSC 210, and CSC 245 (or MATH 243 or MATH 323 completed or in progress) If you are admitted to the major, you should take 2 of the major core courses (CSC 252, CSC 335, CSC 345, CSC 352). (See below.) You will not be registered for the 2 major core courses until the first week of January.

Major admission requirements

  • Cumulative UA GPA of 2.4 or higher
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher in best attempts at (1) CSC 120, (2) CSC 210, & (3) CSC 244 taken at UA or elsewhere. Students in the pre-major before Fall 2021 may use CSC 245 or MATH 243 or MATH 323 instead of CSC 244.
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher in all attempts at UA CSC courses (excluding GRO 1st attempts)
  • Complete at least two programming courses at the UA
  • For more information, click here.

Notes for Pre-Computer Science majors hoping to be admitted to the major for Spring 2022

  • The major admissions process will be finalized in the first week of January and you will be emailed more information then.
  • If you are admitted to the CS major for Spring 2022, you will be registered for TWO of these major core courses -- CSC 252, CSC 335, CSC 345 -- in the first week of January. (You do not need to put yourself on the waitlist for these courses.)
  • If you are interested in a third (non-core) CSC course in Spring 2022 that you are eligible for (based on prerequisites), you should register for that CSC course in November when your registration becomes available.
  • If you do not expect to meet the major admissions requirements at the end of this term, please schedule an appointment (not walk-in) with your major advisor.

General advising

  • You should meet with your CS advisor every semester, in October and March. (You can see who your advisor is at your UAccess Student Center. Click on "Advising", then "View Advisors".) You are welcome to meet with your advisor more often than once per semester, if you like.
  • As you progress through the pre-major/major CSC courses, you should also take courses toward your general education requirements (shown on your advisement report). ("General education requirements" may include English, Math, Second Language, Gen Ed Tier 1, and Gen Ed Tier 2.) Students planning to pursue the Bachelor of Science degree should also take courses toward the supporting math and supporting science requirements.
  • It is generally recommended that you take 14-16 units per semester. Time to graduation is dependent upon many factors, including transfer units, math placement, second language placement, course availability, summer or winter coursework, minor requirements, and when you enter the major. Academic advising is available to assist all students pursuing a Computer Science degree. However, it is the student's responsibility to read the online catalog, seek advising, and meet all requirements for the completion of the degree as stated in the catalog.