Registration / Waitlists for CSC Courses for Spring 2022

In addition to general education and general elective courses, all CSC courses will be open to UAccess registration beginning November 1st. For best access to Spring 2022 courses, you are STRONGLY encouraged to register yourself for your courses as soon as your registration becomes available in November. (Make sure to meet with your advisor in October - before registration.)

class standing/status registration for spring 2022 begins
Honors Junior, Honors Senior,
Student Athlete, GI Bill
Monday, November 1, 6:00am
Honors First year/Freshman, Honors Sophomore
Thursday, November 4, 6:00am
Junior Monday, November 8, 6:00am
Sophomore Thursday, November 11, 6:00am
First year/Freshman Monday, November 15, 6:00am
  • Most CSC courses (except major core courses - see below) will remain open to UAccess registration until all seats are filled. Once they are filled, you may put the (full) course in your UAccess shopping cart, and then keep checking to see if a seat becomes available. If a seat becomes available, register for it. If you are still not enrolled in the course by Monday, January 3rd, email your CS advisor, who can advise you further.
  • Major core courses (CSC 252, CSC 335, CSC 345, CSC 352) will be available to admitted majors via UAccess registration until November 15th. (If you are eligible, register for them when your registration becomes available.) On November 15th, these 4 courses will be closed and will require "departmental consent" to register. If you would like to register for one or more of these courses after November 15th, add yourself to the waitlist. We will add students to the courses from the waitlist in early January, after the major admissions process has been completed.

Notes for Pre-Computer Science majors hoping to be admitted to the major for Spring 2022:

  • The major admissions process will be finalized in the first week of January and you will be emailed more information (to your UA email) then.
  • If you are admitted to the CS major for Spring 2022, you will be registered for TWO of the major core courses (CSC 252, CSC 335, CSC 345, CSC 352) in the first week of January. (You do not need to put yourself on the waitlist for these courses.)
  • If you are interested in a third (non-core) CSC course in Spring 2022 that you are eligible for (based on prerequisites), you should register for that CSC course in November when your registration becomes available (see above dates).

Notes for CS minors/non-CS students hoping to be enrolled in a CSC course for Spring 2022:

  • Contact if you have questions about minor requirements.
  • If you are hoping to enroll in CSC 252, 317, 335, 337, 345, or 352, you must add yourself to our waitlist.