All students pursuing Computer Science must start as pre-majors and complete the following pre-major courses.  


CSC 110 Intro to Computer Programming I (or ECE 175 or ISTA 130)
CSC 120 Intro to Computer Programming II
CSC 144 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I *
CSC 210 Software Development
CSC 244 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science II* 

*Students in the pre-major before Fall 2021 may use CSC 245 Intro to Discrete Structures (or MATH 243 or MATH 323) instead of CSC 144 and CSC 244. 

Major Admission Requirements

Cumulative GPA of 2.4 or higher

GPA of 3.0 or higher in best attempts at 1) CSC 120, 2) CSC 210 & 3) CSC 244 taken at UA or elsewhere. Students in the pre-major before Fall 2021 may use CSC 245 or MATH 243 or MATH 323 instead of CSC 244. 

GPA of 2.0 or higher in all attempts at UA CSC courses (excluding GRO 1st attempts) 

Complete at least two programming courses at the UA

How To Declare the Pre-Major

Prerequisites to Declaring the Pre-Computer Science:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • In order to learn more about the program, meet with an advisor, and declare your major you will need to complete a Change of Major Workshop. Change of Major workshops will be held in-person, on the 9th floor of the Gould-Simpson building, room 930. Please consider attending one of the mandatory workshops on the following dates:

    • Friday, January 21 2022 at 10AM (AZ)

    • Friday, February 4 2022 at 2PM (AZ)

    • Friday, February 18 2022 at 10AM (AZ)

    • Friday, March 4 2022 at 2PM (AZ)

Program Fee

Pre-major students pay a program fee of $150 each semester. The program fee is help support the CS student experience including (but not limited to) experiential learning experiences, career counseling, IdeaLab, and the CS Tutor Center. You can read more about the program fee by visiting the page here. Students demonstrating financial need via submission of the FAFSA (submitted before the first day of the semester) may qualify for program fee scholarship award. Students awarded the program fee scholarship will have the amount credited to their student account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no official application!  At the end of every semester, the Academic Services Office will review all current Pre-Computer Science students.  Those students who meet the auto-admit criteria (see above) will be notified via email and asked to choose between a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree.
  • CSC courses may be attempted twice.