What is a Computer Science Ambassador?

Computer Science ambassadors are a group of distinguished, dedicated, and outgoing undergraduate Computer Science students who are involved with the department’s community outreach efforts. Ambassadors are involved in a variety of UA focused and community events, such as UofA’s Meet Your Major Fair, Tucson Festival of Books, Hack Arizona, local school visits and prospective student visits.

The duties of an ambassador vary depending on the event, however at most events ambassadors are expected to be able to speak openly about their student experience in the Computer Science department and at the UA. This means ambassadors must feel comfortable with public speaking and one-on-one conversations with K-12 students, parents and community members.

Student ambassadors should expect to dedicate 5-10 hours per semester to the ambassador program. Typically, the department is involved in 6-7 events in one semester. With 10-15 ambassadors, students are utilized for events on a rotating basis.


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Students must have a 2.4 cumulative and major GPA to be an ambassador.


Meet the Ambassadors!

Mario Hernandez, Abhishek Sharma, Emily Jonatan, Trent Prynn, Estefania Munguia, Hsin-Yu Chen,

Brandon Neth, Josh Xiong, Jade Marmorstein, Emilio Valdez, Paul Hein, Adam Zhou,

Jianfeng Li --Not Pictured: Alex Swindle, Arianna Boatner


If you have any questions/comments/concerns about the Computer Science ambassador program, please email Nicole Soley at