Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities abound. Our students have traveled in Europe, Asia, and South America in recent years in pursuit of their computer science education and an unforgetable international experience. To learn about these opportunities in general, contact the Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange.

The University and Department have entered into a special agreement with Gachon University for study abroad, by undergraduates and graduate students alike.

Gachon University is located in Seongnam, a satellite city just southeast of Seoul that straddles two of the most affluent areas of South Korea. The university has been run for the past 12 years by a legendary woman who has created a major hospital chain in Korea over the past 50 years. The university is fast growing, with 15,000 students, 425 tenure-track faculty members, and 1,000+ teaching faculty members.

The contact at Gachon University is Professor Won Kim, who is Information Technology Vice President and lifetime professor. Professor Kim has served as Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Transactions on Database Systems, the premier journal in that field. He is a highly respected researcher in database systems and data mining. He has hosted two students in recent years from our department in highly successful study abroad programs.

If you are interested in experiencing the unique culture of Korea and of studying abroad at Gachon University, please contact Professor Richard Snodgrass in our department. It may be possible to arrange an exchange in which University of Arizona tuition is accepted by Gachon University.

Ken Simonds is the Exchange Student Coordinator in the Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange. Ken is the main point of contact for new student exchange programs in Asia. He is the person who should receive applications from any inbound students from Korea and who will assist them when they arrive. Ken is also available to advise any outbound students from the University of Arizona. Find out more about financing opportunities. For Korea, Ken recommends the UA SASE Travel Grant and the Gilman (for students that receive Pell Grants).

Ms. Jiheun Kim of the International Affairs Team of Gachon University is the main point of contact for exchange students going to Gachon.