Employers / Sponsors

The Department of Computer Science provides plenty of opportunities to connect with undergraduate and graduate students, from on-campus events to weekly newsletter postings. The University of Arizona uses Handshake to host job postings. Students are able to access open internships, part-time, and full-time jobs. Handshakes is free for employers to list positions and ensures next-day posting on the internet.

The Department of Computer Science hosts a CS career fair in the fall & spring semesters. This event is open to all current undergraduate / graduate students including pre-majors, majors, minors, and double degree / double majors.

The CS Career Fairs are completely free for employers to attend and registration for the fairs are managed through Handshake. If you are unable to register through Handshake, please email career@cs.arizona.edu for separate registration information.

  • Spring Career Fairs - January / February
  • Fall Career Fairs - August / September



  • Student Presentations - share information regarding internship / part-time / full-time opportunities that are currently available (Virtual & In-Person).
  • Tech Talks - host a workshop to teach students a new skill or technology (Virtual & In-Person).
  • Mock Interviews - schedule mock interviews with students to prepare them for upcoming interview experiences (Virtual & In-Person).
  • Resume Reviews - schedule resume review sessions with students to provide industry feedback regarding technical resumes (Virtual & In-Person).

Please email career@cs.arizona.edu if you are interested in scheduling an event listed. Additionally, if you are interested in hosting an engagement event that is not currently listed, please let us know!

Internship Guidelines:

Before offering your internship to our students, please read the guidelines below. If your opportunity fits the guidelines along with our department profile, follow the instructions below.

The purpose of our Internship Program is to provide students with the academic challenge of a field-based project or to provide students with practical experience in a professional setting in which they can employ the knowledge and skills acquired during their program of study.

As Site Supervisor for a Computer Science intern we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Determine a specific project or projects or the scope of work if not project-based. This may be in consultation with the student intern.
  • Internships provide three credits for the student and represent a minimum of 135 hours of student work within a semester, which is typically 8 to 10 hours per week. Hours must be worked within the semester for which the student is receiving credit.
  • Meet with the student intern to initiate the proposal, which includes goals, objectives, and methods.
  • Decide if the internship will be paid or unpaid and determine payment amount. Students receive credit regardless of payment. However, students cannot receive internship or independent study credit for an ongoing job.
  • Meet regularly with your student intern to assess progress.
  • The deadlines for students to submit the Internship Application Form are early August for Fall Semester, late December / early January for Spring Semester, and early may for Summer Session.

Internship Listings

We also recommend you list your internship on Handshake and filter to select our students. When submitting your internship to the School of Information be sure to include:

  • Title: It helps students if the title is linked to a real job title. When they later apply for jobs, the title can help to catch the eye of a potential employer.
  • Description: Describe the work environment and job duties to be performed, application deadline, pay scale if any, and work hours.  The internship advertisement may remain on the forum after the application deadline but it will not be emailed or otherwise distributed after that date.
  • Site Supervisor: Who will guide or oversee the intern's work?
  • Location: You may also include a physical location of site operations so students know where you are located physically; if you do include this, please list the city name and the state or country name.
  • Program Learning Objectives: What will the intern learn? This is sometimes negotiated with the student based on their existing skills.
  • Technical Skills Required: e.g. list of courses, particular computer skills
  • Please list if you prefer the intern be Undergraduate, Graduate, or either
  • Paid or Unpaid, and Pay rate if paid: We prioritize internships that we feel will offer students value including appropriate pay for their work or value additions that compensate for unpaid work. We invite you to consider the research showing the value of paid versus unpaid internships for students' long term employment prospects.
  • Preferred background and skills: e.g. degree program, course topics (such as data analysis), skills (such as public speaking)
  • How to Apply: Provide a contact person or method so perspective interns can apply or contact you with questions.

Please note that our faculty do not allow employers to attend classes, so please submit your listings and announcements to career@cs.arizona.edu.