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Computer science emerges from the interaction of two powerful kinds of machines: computers and the human brain. Computer scientists are inventive, innovative, collaborative thinkers creating software solutions and synergies on the cutting edge of technology. The Information Age is here; computer scientists are shaping it.

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bs v ba requirments

The choice to pursue a BS or BA in Computer Science (CS) should primarily be driven by your long-term career goals. While the BA requires fewer CS courses, it offers flexibility in your college plan, requiring a minor and even leaving space for a second major which can be just as valuable in building your knowledge, skills, and application. Some employers may specifically desire a BS, while others may value language proficiency, or the areas of focus demonstrated with your non-Computer Science coursework. The BS requires significantly more CS coursework and will allow a student to dive deeply into different aspects of the field. Students should choose their degree path and courses and the depth of their pursuit of the Computer Science field with the future in mind. Regardless of choosing the BA or BS in Computer Science, employers want to see candidates with strong knowledge, skill, and ability. This may be shown through coursework, internship experience(s), personal projects, involvement in school activities, etc.

The differences in required coursework for each degree include the following (beginning Spring 2022 or later):

  Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Math College Algebra Calculus II or Linear Algebra
Second Language 4th semester proficiency 2nd semester proficiency
Science At least one 3-unit science course Two 4-unit lab science courses
Minor Required Optional
CS Major 13 total Computer Science courses 16 total Computer Science courses

All students planning to complete a Computer Science degree at UA, including transfer students, will declare a Computer Science major (Bachelor of Science degree or Bachelor of Arts degree). Students will take a series of 100/200-level Computer Science courses (foundational courses). Upon completion of the foundational courses, students’ academic records will be evaluated, and those who qualify will be offered “Advanced Standing” in the major. Enrollment in the major core courses and the majority of the upper division elective CSC courses is limited to students with Advanced Standing in the Computer Science major.

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