Minor in CS

A Computer Science Minor is a great way to expand your skill set. You can complement some basic programming courses with courses covering a wide variety of topics.  Develop great critical and logical thinking skills, and stand out from the crowd! You can download a PDF of the computer science minor requirements below:

Minor Requirements Document



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How to Declare the Computer Science Minor:

All students wanting to declare the CS minor, must complete the online information session. Once you complete the online information session, click the link provided to complete the online form. Then, the CS minor will be added to your plan within 3-5 business days.

Minor Requirements

Computer Science Core

Required: CSC 110 and CSC 120

Upper-Division Electives

Choose at least 6 units of upper division

CSC 3xx, CSC 4xx, and Cross-Listed courses

Remaining Units

Select remaining units from the following courses to reach 18 units:
CSC 2xx, CSC 3xx, CSC 4xx, and Cross-Listed courses

Minor Prerequisite Chart

Important Notes

  • Cross-Listed courses include ECE 474A, LING 438, LING 439, MATH 402, MATH 443, MATH 475A, MATH 475B, PHIL 401A, PHIL 401B, and PHIL 455.
  • Courses numbered *90-*99 cannot be used toward the minor. 
  • Double Dipping Policy: Up to two (2) courses from another subject area (ECE 175, ISTA 130, MATH 243, MATH 323, cross-listed courses) may be used toward the CS minor. Unlimited double use of CSC courses with another major or minor is permitted. View other college and department restrictions on double dipping.
  • Priority enrollment is given to majors for CSC 210, CSC 245, 252, 335, 345, 352, 372, and 400 level CSC course.