Courses & Registration

Spring 2022 Course Registration

Course registration for graduate students will begin on November 4, 2021 and will remain open in UAccess through January 19, 2022 (see Graduate Dates and Deadlines).

Non-Computer Science graduate students should email the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) for enrollment assistance after receiving approval from the instructor to enroll. 

Undergraduate students wanting to enroll in a graduate-level CSC course should review the university requirements and instructions, in addition to consulting with their undergraduate academic advisor.  AMP students should also consult with the GPC.

For enrollment in CSC 599, 699, 900 or 910, please complete an Individual Studies form with your project/faculty advisor and email the completed form to the GPC.  For enrollment in CSC 920, please email the GPC.

2021-22 Academic Year Course Offerings (subject to change)

Note: Course syllabi/websites from prior terms have been linked below.