Courses & Registration

Fall 2019 Course Registration

Course registration for graduate students will begin at 6am on April 4, 2019 and will remain open in UAccess through September 2, 2019. 

Non-Computer Science graduate students should email the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) for enrollment assistance. 

Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in a graduate-level CSC course should review the university requirements and instructions, in addition to consulting with the GPC or a Computer Science Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

For enrollment in CSC 599, 699, 695C, 900 or 910, please complete an Individual Studies form in consultation with your project/faculty advisor and submit to the GPC by email or drop off the completed form in Gould-Simpson 917.  For enrollment in CSC 920, please email the GPC.

Tentative list of course offerings for the Fall 2019 semester (old versions of course syllabi have been linked below; once Fall 2019 course syllabi/websites are ready the links will be updated):