Prospective Students

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona!

Thank you for your interest in the Computer Science program at the University of Arizona! We are happy to share information with you about the program, so please consider reaching out as appropriate:

  • Change of Major (current-UA, non-CS student): In order to learn more about the program, meet with an advisor, and declare your major you will need to complete a Change of Major Workshop. Change of Major workshops will be held in-person, on the 9th floor of the Gould-Simpson building, room 930. Please consider attending one of the mandatory workshops on the following dates:

    • Friday, January 21 2022 at 10AM (AZ)

    • Friday, February 4 2022 at 2PM (AZ)

    • Friday, February 18 2022 at 10AM (AZ)

    • Friday, March 4 2022 at 2PM (AZ)

The Computer Science visits are separate from the University of Arizona Campus Tour. To tour the entire campus, schedule at

Yes! Parents and guardians are welcome to be a part of the advisor meeting and tour. 

We are located in the Gould-Simpson building. The Academic Services Office, which houses our academic advisors, is located in Gould-Simpson, 917. Department Head and Faculty offices are located on the 7th and 8th floor of the Gould-Simpson building.

1040 E 4th Street. Tucson, AZ 85721

There are four academic advisors for undergraduate students.

Sam Morrow - Advises students with last names A-E 

Alex Hernandez - Advises students with last names F-L

Christina Beasley - Advises students with last names M-R

Valeria Martinez - Advises students with last names S-Z

More information on the academic advisors.

The 6th Street Garage is the closest garage parking to the Gould-Simpson building. More information on parking rates.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Preparing for Computer Science Before You Get Here

The computer science curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students at all levels of programming experience.  Whether knowledgeable about programming or trying it for the first time, the introductory CS courses meet all skill levels. Although a background in computer science is not required prior to studying at the UA, there are ways to prepare for success in this major.  Transfer students should contact an advisor now to determine what classes to take prior to transfer and what to take at the University of Arizona after transfer.

Computer Science Experience

AP Credit

High school students with access to Advanced Placement (AP) courses in computer science may want to consider enrolling in these classes.  To find out how AP credit could apply to your UA degree, view the policies in the University's Academic Catalog.

Community College or Other Transfer Credit

Students may take computer courses or workshops at a local community college.  The Course Equivalency Guide is a great online resource for Arizona students and provides information on how courses transfer to the Univeristy. 

If transferring from an Arizona Community College, students may be advised to complete the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) prior to transfer.  While completion of the AGEC can be beneficial for some students, it is not the case for all students. Students should contact a computer science advisor to develop an individual plan for transfer.  AGEC completion is NOT required prior to transferring to the UA. 

If taking classes outside Arizona, or at Grand Canyon University or the University of Phoenix, contact an advisor prior to taking courses, to see how your coursework will transfer.

Test the waters at the UA

If students are interested in CS and aren't certain about a major change, enroll in one of the introductory courses to assess interest and skill in the field.  CSC 110 is open to all students on UAccess.  Note, students will need to declare the pre-major to register for more advanced courses in the Department of Computer Science.

Take More Math!

Students will benefit from advancing as far as possible in mathematics while in high school and in college.  To graduate with a degree in Computer Science from the UA, students must complete up to Calculus II for the BS degree and College Algebra for the BA degree.  Preparation at the high school level allows for an easier transition into math courses in college.

Applying to the University of Arizona

Submit your online application for admission to the University of Arizona at the "Apply" link below: