Code of Conduct

The University of Arizona Department of Computer Science

Code of Conduct

We, the students and professionals of the UA Department of Computer Science, are committed to providing and maintaining a supportive community and a thriving educational environment. In our interactions with each other, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Be Welcoming and Inclusive. Many students enroll at the University of Arizona having little exposure to Computer Science and the opportunities available to those who earn a CS degree. In 2015, just 1 in 4 high schools in the U.S. offered a course in Computer Science, even though there were over 600,000 jobs available and computational thinking is a valuable skill in all professions. CS can be a rewarding career for people of all backgrounds. We want everyone in our department to feel that they belong, and to have opportunities to succeed, in Computer Science.
  • Honor Privacy and Confidentiality. We respect everyones privacy. The department collects only the information necessary for our missions, limits the availability of sensitive information to those who need to know it, and stores such information securely.
  • Continue to Improve Our Learning Environments. Our department provides and supports a variety of learning environments, both physical and virtual. We endeavor to make all of our academic programs and facilities as functional, current, and accessible as we can make them.
  • Behave Respectfully and Courteously. Many uncomfortable situations and emotional confrontations can be diffused or avoided by taking the time to understand the concerns and motivations of all involved individuals. We expect all members of the department to treat each other with courtesy and respect during all interactions.
  • Demonstrate Intellectual Honesty. The department exists to educate people about, and explore the known boundaries of, the principles and applications of Computer Science. These activities rely upon the open and honest exchange of ideas, within the boundaries of ethics and applicable laws. We give due credit to others for intellectual property and contributions used in academic projects and research, and employ such ideas and efforts only when appropriate.

Actions that detract from those principles include, but are not limited to, uninvited physical contact, emotional harassment (including stalking, bullying, and other forms of psychological torment), and the use of department computers and related resources for non-academic purposes. We invite your contributions to the well-being of our department. Please address questions, com- ments, and concerns related to this Code to For more specific help, please contact your course instructor, our Academic Services office (, the Dean of Students (, the Office of Institutional Equity (, or the UAPD (621-8273) as appropriate for your situation.

Approved 2015-12-16

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