Systems (Operating Systems, Networking, Storage, Databases)

Research in computer systems at The University of Arizona spans system design and development in providing computational needs of the emerging big data challenges from astronomy to healthcare.  To provide future systems with needed capabilities and higher performance we are making advances in databases (Snodgrass), distributed systems (Hartman, Snodgrass, Zhang), energy efficiency (Zhang), networking (Zhang), operating systems (Hartman), and storage systems (Hartman).

Our research emphasizes developing innovative software systems. We're investigating and integrating both hardware and software mechanisms for overall improvement in system performance and energy efficiency, evolving from today's host-centric network architecture IP to a data-centric network architecture (NDN), providing cloud access to the largest publicly available contiguous dataset available in genomics, the limits of conventional cost-based query optimization, and a fundamentally new approach the achieving better DBMS performance. We are also applying novel solutions for medicine and civil engineering to provide improved communication and data reliability by advanced operating system and networking technologies.

Our collaborations involve colleagues in the College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) located on campus.

Systems Faculty

Lei Cao

Assistant Professor Office: GS 712 Interests: Systems (Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Beichuan Zhang

Professor Office: GS 723 Interests: Computer networks, Internet routing architecture and protocols, Internet topology, multicast. (Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles, 2003)

PhD Students

George C.G. Barbosa

PhD Student Office: GS 718 Interests: Networks, Future Internet Architecture and Decentralized Web Advisor: Dr. Beichuan Zhang

Oghenevovwe Ikumariegbe

PhD Student Office: GS 718 Interests: Artificial Intelligence (NLP, ML, Vision), Systems (OS, Networking, Storage, Databases) Advisor:

Priya Kaushik

PhD Student Office: GS 725 Interests: Systems, Security Advisor: Dr. Saumya Debray

Junyong Zhao

PhD Student Office: GS 718 Interests: Cloud Database, Distributed System Advisor: Dr. Lei Cao