All Staff

Academic Services

Chelsea Ghasemi

Graduate Program Coordinator

Office: GS 917

Advises: Graduate students (prospective and current).

Alex Hernandez

Academic Advisor

Office: GS 917

Arthur Jordan

Coordinator of Career Development

Office: GS 917

Martin Marquez

Director, Academic and Support Services

Office: GS 927A

Alonso Minjarez

Academic Advisor, Senior

Office: GS 917

Crystal Soto

Administrative Assistant

Office: GS 927C

Financial and Administrative Services

Alicia Cool

Manager, Business Finance

Office: GS 835

Janice Hull

Accountant Associate

Office: GS 831

Laboratory Staff

Coal Candelario

Information Technology Support Analyst

Office: GS 728

Eric Collins

Information Technology Support Analyst, Principal

Office: GS 722

Research Staff

Keith Alcock

Systems Programmer

Office: GS 838

Keaton Hamm

Postdoc Research Associate

Office: GS 721

Faryad Sahneh

Postdoc Research Associate

Office: GS 721

Marco Valenzuela

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Office: GS 834