The Computer Science Minor is a great way to expand your skill set. You can complement some basic programming courses with courses covering a wide variety of topics.  Develop great critical and logical thinking skills, and stand out from the crowd! You can download a PDF of the computer science minor requirements below:

Minor Requirements Document

View the CS minor requirements here

How to Declare the Computer Science Minor:

All students wanting to declare the CS minor must complete the online information session. Once you complete the online information session, click the link on the last slide to complete the online minor declaration form. The CS minor will be added to your plan within 1 week.

Minor Requirements

Computer Science Core

Required: CSC 110 (4 units) and CSC 120 (4 units)

Upper-Division Electives

Choose at least 6 units of upper division

CSC 3xx, CSC 4xx, and Cross-listed courses

Remaining Units

Select remaining units from the following courses to reach 18 units (minimum):
CSC 2xx, CSC 3xx, CSC 4xx, and Cross-listed courses

List of CS Courses


  • CSC 110 requirement. ISTA 130 (4 units) or ECE 175 (3 units) may fulfill the CSC 110 (4 units) requirement.  Students who take ECE 175 should learn some basic Python before attempting CSC 120. Students completing ECE 175 are responsible for making up the unit difference that will occur as a result of taking ECE 175 (ECE 175= 3 units, CSC 110= 4 units). ECE 175 students will have to complete more than 18 units to satisfy the minor due to the unit difference and course options available.  Only one course from CSC 110, ECE 175 and ISTA 130 may be used towards the minor. 
  • Cross-listed courses that count in the CS minor include ECE/CSC 474A, LING/PSY/CSC 438, LING/ISTA/CSC 439, MATH/CSC 402, MATH/CSC 443, MATH/CSC 475A, MATH/CSC 475B, PHIL/MATH/CSC 401A, PHIL/MATH/CSC 401B, and PHIL/CSC 455.
  • A maximum of two (2) courses from another subject area (ECE 175, ISTA 130, MATH 243, MATH 323, cross-listed courses) may be used toward the CS minor. Please note that the CSC versions of the above cross-listed courses are subject to this maximum. MATH 323 cannot be used to fill the upper division CSC requirement.
  • Some CSCV courses may count in the minor - please see below for more information.
  • At least 11 of the 18 required units for the minor must be from courses with the CSC or CSCV prefix.  Cross-listed courses, even if taken as "CSC", do NOT count toward the 11 required units.
  • To complete the minor, your overall minor GPA must be at or above 2.0.
  • House numbered/individual study courses (#90-#99) DO NOT COUNT toward the minor. 
  • Double Dipping Policy: Unlimited double use of CSC courses with another major or minor is permitted. View other college and department restrictions on double dipping.

  • Please note that we no longer offer waitlists for CSC courses.
  • Priority enrollment in Fall/Spring semesters is given to CS majors/pre-majors for most CSC courses.
  • CS minors may register for CSC 110, 120, 210 (and 317, 337, and 346, if offered) when registration becomes available (April for the Fall semester, November for the Spring semester) - if the course prerequisites are met or in progress, and if seats are available. We recommend you register on your first registration day, since some of these courses fill quickly.
  • Cross-listed courses (see "Important Notes" above) may also be available on your first registration day.
  • CSCV courses may be available to you by request. Please see below for more information on CSCV courses and instructions for requesting enrollment.
  • For all other Computer Science courses not mentioned above, registration for CS minors will become available later - after the CS major admission process before each semester (generally mid-August for the Fall semester, early January for the Spring semester). Since we cannot guarantee availability in 300/400 level CSC courses for minors, we recommend you register for cross-listed and/or CSCV courses (see above) - with the potential to swap them for other CSC courses later (if available).
  • Summer CSC courses will be available to CS minors when registration opens to all students (generally early April).

If you are a Computer Science minor looking for additional course options to fulfill the upper division units requirement for your minor, the CS advising team encourages you to consider enrolling in computer science courses offered through the UA College of Applied Science & Technology (CAST).

All UA CAST Computer Science courses are coded as CSCV (as opposed to CSC), and are offered fully online. Because UA CAST is an extension of UArizona, your classes are still part of the UArizona system and directly map onto your minor requirements.

CSCV courses do not appear in the default class search for main campus students. To view the CSCV course offerings, you must change your search campus to Southern Arizona.

To enroll in a CSCV course, please make sure you meet the prerequisites and then submit an Enrollment Request Form. An ASO team member will process this form and submit your request to the CAST Team for enrollment. Please be aware that CSCV course enrollment prioritizes CAST and UA Online students, so you may not receive enrollment until after your registration date or you may be notified that you have been put on a waitlist.

If you have additional questions about CSCV courses, please contact Rachel Ridlen, Advising Director for the College of Applied Science and Technology.


Questions? Please email us at csminor@cs.arizona.edu.