DEI Contact

Tell us your ideas and let us know about issues.  Contact the department committee co-chairs at:  Contact the DEI advisory board by filling out this form.  

Most university employees are mandatory Title IX reporters.  If you would like to speak to someone confidentially there are a number of options on

Department DEI Committee

  • Stephanie Carlson, Staff
  • Alon Efrat, Faculty
  • John Hartman, Faculty
  • Joshua Levine, Faculty (Chair)
  • Melanie Lotz, Faculty
  • Brandon Neth, Graduate Student
  • Martin Marquez, Staff (Co-Chair)

DEI Advisory Board

  • Vanessa Campbell
  • Justin Galvez
  • Aliyah Hernandez
  • Sage Pezzulo, Chair
  • Valeria Regalado
  • Simran Sall

Meet Our Advisory Board!