Fall 2020 Incoming Class

Students listed below were asked to answer the following questions: 

1) What city and state are you from? 

2) What program are you pursuing?

3) Why did you select Computer Science as your major? 

4) What are you most looking forward to as you start your university experience?


Please see their answers below.

We will continue to update when we receive additional submissions.


Ruben Loya Jr.  
Tucson, AZ    

I chose Computer Science as my major because this has been something that I've wanted to do for years. Ever since I was in elementary school I've wanted to make video games and over the years I have just refined myself getting into computer science as a whole to widen my choices after I finish my time at the University of Arizona. 
I am most looking forward to seeing other people that has the same interest as me. My high school did have software development and engineering courses that I participated in and I loved to see the other people in those classes that had the same interest in those fields as me.

Ben Besancon  
Tampa, FL    

I've always enjoyed anything that revolves around computers, such as, video games, programming, and game development. I hope to be able to develop a successful indie game eventually.
The ability to live on my own, making my own decisions, and gaining new friends.

Anthony Hsu 
Tucson, AZ    

I find Computer Science interesting and I feel like it will be a great foundation for my future.
I am looking forward to making new friends!

Danielle Cunes
Tucson, AZ    

I switched my major from mechanical engineering to computer science because i felt like the world is becoming more dependent on technology and I wanted to be a part of finding innovative ways to advance our technology.
Learning more about coding and how different systems operate.

Nikolas Perez 
Tucson, AZ    

I love the creativeness behind the problem solving. Meeting new people and learning in a new atmosphere.


Garfo Femor  
Bronx, NY  

I've been interested in program development for as long as I can remember. Started fresh. Meeting new people. Learning new things.

Franco Diaz 
Tucson, AZ    

I consider myself good at it, and personally I think this major is awesome Meet people that will help me during college and make friends that I will keep forever

Isaiah Horton 
Fortbliss, TX    

I think computers are the future. They keep growing and I feel that it would help me out if I grew with them.

Meeting new people and starting the needy chapter of my life.

Ashley Flanagan
Vail, AZ

Computer science is a field that I think is fascinating, and I want to be apart of it in the future.
Finally being able to immerse myself in classes and environments that correlate with what I want to do.

Chady Saleh
Phoenix, AZ

I picked in Computer Science as my major because I am fascinated by technology and look forward to learning more about it, to solve real-world problems, develop applications, websites, algorithms, design networks and more. It is the future. It evolves and pushes boundaries in development daily and can be applied to any factor, from aspects of life. I have grown interested in the major as I am a hearing-impaired student that relies on technology for hearing and discovering the world. 
I am looking forward to immersing myself in an environment learning and meeting new people everyday.
I picked the University of Arizona because it has a massive campus with over 40,000 students and looking forward to coming back to where I'm from. 

Taylor Goldberg
Queen Creek, AZ

I chose Computer Science as my major so I could follow in my mother’s footsteps. She is a Computer Science major herself and because of her, I have been heavily inspired to improve women empowerment in the tech. industry. Likewise, I have a had a fascinating admiration for technology since I was a little girl. My eyes light up every single time I see a new gadget, and I turn into a kid on Christmas morning... a kid more anxious than ever to open their toys!
I‘m looking forward to expanding my opportunities. Computer Science offers endless possibilities and I am eager to explore the unknown that lives in the technology industry today!
I chose the University of Arizona because it provides an excellent education for entrepreneurs and innovation.