March for Science Talk

Feb. 18, 2019

March for Science AZ, a local chapter of the global science advocate group organizes and hosts a talk series, Brains and Brews on Monday evenings. Brains and Brews is a free event where community members can learn about the science that is happening in Southern Arizona. With a commitment to preserving and expanding the role of science, March for Science AZ has played a large role in educating and involving the community in science.

Computer Science PhD student, Mithun Paul, was one of the recent guest speakers, giving a talk on his ongoing research work in detecting fake news and fake science articles using neural networks. You can view the talk here. Lee Savoie, Computer Science PhD student also gave a talk on the successes, failures, and dangers of artificial intelligence.

The Department of Computer Science is proud to be involved in spreading science awareness across the Tucson community and Southern Arizona and encourages Computer Science students to continue to be involved.