Connor Scully-Allison wins first place at ACM Student Research Competition at SC21!

Nov. 19, 2021

SC Photography, SC21

Ph.D. student Connor Scully-Allison won first place in the graduate student category of the ACM Student Research Competition at SC21. SC is a premier conference in high performance computing. Scully-Allison’s winning poster is entitled “Missing the Trees for the Branches: Graphical-Scripting Interaction with Large-Scale Calling Context Trees.”

The poster describes Scully-Allison’s research regarding analysis of calling context trees. Calling context trees are a widely-used concept in performance analysis that structures performance data based on the order of function calls and their associated performance measurements. The scale of these trees poses challenges in both visualization and analysis. Scully-Allison implements a “best of both worlds” approach that combines the flexibility of scripting with the ease-of-use of direct visual manipulation. The solution is implemented in the Hatchet ( profile analysis library and uses the Roundtrip ( library for embedding these interactions in Jupyter notebooks. Scully-Allison is a key contributor to Hatchet and the main developer of Roundtrip.

Students participating in the ACM Student Research Competition present their research to a panel of judges and attendees at high-profile ACM conferences. Scully-Allison presented a poster and accompanying oral presentation. More about the ACM Student Research Competition: