Graduate Students

Brandon Neth

PhD Student

Interests: Programming Languages, Compilers, and High Performance Computing

Robert Vacareanu

PhD Student

Interests: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Alonso Granados

PhD Student

Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Deep Learning

Yao Zhao

PhD Student

Interests: Machine learning, bandit problem, mathematical optimization

Yichen Li

PhD Student

Interests: Reinforcement learning & imitation learning

Jianwei Shen

PhD Student

Interests: Machine learning

Anna Chernikov

PhD Student

Interests: Bioinformatics, Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning

Xiyu Kang

PhD student

Office: GS 749

Interests: Computer Security

Ryn Gray

PhD Student

Office: GS 725

Interest: Graph Visualizations

Jake Wolfe

PhD Student

Office: GS 710

Interests: Natural Language Proccessing, Machine Learning

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