Student Shoutouts

The Department of Computer Science has the best students on campus. This monthly recognition aims to highlight CS students and the positive impact on their peers. Students are nominated by their peers. 

September 2021
Elijah Acuña
Elijah was recognized by Davlat Uralov. Davlat nominated Elijah for recognition because "[Elijah] always helps with anything, very open, good person. "

Michael Arroyo
Michael was recognized by Sasha Joe. Sasha nominated Michael for recognition because "[Michael] helped me understand a variety of concepts during office hours, helped me study for an exam, and has given impactful advice on CS classes and extracurriculars. "

Nimet Beyza Bozdag
Nimet was recognized by Katherine Nixon. Katherine nominated Nimet for recognition because "Beyza is not only a dependable CSC 120 TA that is simultaneously friendly yet efficient in her help during office hours, but also a wonderful advocate the Google Developer Student Club. She is constantly going out of her way to encourage her peers further within the CSC major and to just generally support those that seek her help. "

Dustin Callahan (Twice!!)
Dustin was recognized twice! Clinton Kral nominated Dustin for recognition because "Dustin is one of the most hardworking people I know. He has shown a strong work ethic in not only classwork, but as a Teaching Assistant. When there are stressful times, Dustin never throws in the towel and calls it quits. He keeps moving forward through all the hardships. He's also one of the most charismatic people I've come across here in my time at UofA." Tyler Salas nominated Dustin for recognition because "Dustin is an awesome TA and always approachable even outside of the classroom. He's a hardworking student throughout all his coursework and never gives up on difficult tasks."

Brock Gordon
Brock was recognized by Teegan Toliver. Teegan nominated Brock for recognition because "Brock has been working really hard in all of his classes even though he doesn't always get the results he wants. He doesn't let anything get him down though, if he doesn't do great on one project then he works even harder on the next project. This is a great example of the kids in our CS program here at University of Arizona."

Thomas Ruff
Thomas was recognized by Jeff Wiederkehr. Jeff nominated Thomas for recognition because "[Thomas is] super helpful as a TA and with student questions in the CS Discord. "

Davlat Uralov
Davlat was recognized by Elijah Acuña. Elijah nominated Davlat for recognition because "Davlat works in the Center for Digital Humanities with me and makes each day working in the lab a joy. He is also a world class leetcode programmer and earned an amazon SDE internship for next summer!"