Affiliated Faculty

Steven Bethard

Assistant Professor, School of Information

Office: Harvill, 445B

Interests: natural language processing, machine learning, information extraction

Sandiway Fong

Associate Professor, Linguistics

Office: Douglass 311

Interests: All aspects of language and computation

Marwan Krunz

Professor, ECE

Office: ECE 356H

Interests: Computer networking, protocol design for wireless systems, media streaming, sensor networks, performance evaluation.

Ming Li

Associate Professor, ECE

Interests: Computer networking, network security, wireless security, privacy-enhancing technologies, cyber-physical system security.

Clayton Morrison

Associate Professor, School of Information

Office: Harvill 437A

Interests: Machine Learning, Probabilistic Modeling, Casual Inference, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, and Automated Planning

Sudha Ram

Professor, Management Information Systems

Office: McClelland Hall 430J

Interests: Enterprise Data Management. Semantic Interoperability among Heterogeneous Data Sources. Biological Data Integration. Semantic Modeling Data Provenance and Quality.

Martin Schulz

Affiliate Faculty

Interests: parallel and distributed architectures and applications; performance monitoring, modeling and analysis; memory system optimization; parallel programming paradigms; tool support for parallel programming; power efficiency for parallel systems; op