Welcome Incoming Wildcats!!

Department of Computer Science Faculty and Staff would like welcome all new students!

Students listed below were asked to answer the following questions: 

1) What city and state are you from? 

2) Why did you select Computer Science as your major?

3) What are you most looking forward to as you start your University of Arizona experience?

4) What would you want others to know about you? 


Please see their answers below.

We will continue to update when we receive additional submissions.


Josie Bigger  
Bellevue, WA 

BS in Computer Science

- I've always been drawn to technology since I was a little girl, and because my dad works in tech, it only seemed natural that I pursue a career in STEM as well. Before college, as I was researching computer related majors, I was drawn to the diverse nature of Computer Science. A Computer Science major will allow me to explore many facets of technology and experience a broad range of career options.  

- The community! I love making friends and being part of a team, so I can't wait to dive into the University of Arizona experience! 

- I have a broad range of interests, from religion and politics to movies and fashion, so I'm sure we'll have something in common if you want to talk! 

Simi Saha
Siliguri, IN  

BS in Computer Science 

- Solving problem is my most favourite activity and doing it using numbers is more. Being a mathematics enthusiast since elementary school, is one of the reason that I love Computer Science( I feel they are similar in a lot of way). In this era of technology I believe that I can solve many world problem with Computer Science. It empowers me in ways that I have always imagined.

- I'm looking forward to make new friends, learn new skills and be independent.

- I'm fun-loving and friendly and I love to cook and paint.

Zhenyu Qi 
Kunshan, CN

MS in Computer Science  

- This is what I want to do in the future. I like it.

- I look forward to meeting like-minded classmates and friends at the University of Arizona.

Deep Mehta
Mumbai, IN

MS in Computer Science  

- Computer Science has few courses like Design and Analysis of Algorithms,Parallel and Distributed Computing and Advanced Operating Systems that's why I selected to pursue majors in computer science.

- I am interested in working areas of Security automation, data processing or  Analytics lab at University Of Arizona. 

- I  am Youngest Splunk Certified Architect and author of book Splunk Certified Study Guide By Apress Publication(Part of Springer Nature

Lindsey Mullen
Oxford, MI 

 BS in Computer Science   

- The ability to create anything you want from websites to games.

- Meeting like minded people and making lifelong friends.

- The dog in the picture is a Bedlington Terrier, I show and breed them with my mom.

Sarah Foreman 
Tucson, AZ   

BS in Computer Science 

- I selected Computer Science as my major because I learned Python last year, when the pandemic began, as a fun challenge for myself. I ended up liking it much more than I expected, and it led me to becoming interested delving deeper in this field!

- I am looking forward to collaborating with other students, getting to know people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles, and having the chance to become more independent.

- I feel incredibly excited to get to attend college, and I can’t wait to make new friends. I see myself as a super friendly person, so if you see me around please say hello! Some of my interests beyond CS are painting, drawing, and crocheting, as well as video games and chess!

Shreya Nupur Shakya
Vail, AZ

PhD in Computer Science

- I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering and developed an interest to study more about it. To be more specific, I want to explore the field of data visualization.

- I am most looking forward to make new friends from different parts of the world, explore Tucson, explore various cultures and make the best out of my grad school life at UofA. Also looking forward to work with fellow students and professors to learn more about data and visualization.

Ryan Wixon
Plano, TX

 BS in Computer Science   

- I enjoy programming and solving problems.

- I'm looking forward to experiencing another part of the country and meeting new people.

Md Rahat-uz Zaman
Dhaka, BD

PhD in Computer Science

- From my childhood, I have been using computers for a lot of purposes and have grown a deep connection with them. When I was introduced to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, I found that even computers can understand things like people with such algorithms. Since then, I have decided to work in this field and selected it as my major. 

- A fresh start. Know about new people, new culture, new career.

- I like outdoor activities and tours. My goal is to visit all the states in the USA during my Ph.D. with my new friends in AZ. I have played almost all AAA PC games out there and watched most of the movies and series. I am a computer enthusiast. I use Arch BTW; and do pretty much all repeatable works through scripts. I am trying to focus on using Deep Learning in Computer Vision in my Ph.D.


Daniel Cervantez
Tucson, AZ 

BS in Computer Science  

- I have gained a big love of computers both new and old and the varying capabilities they have for providing a way to learn or enjoy one's time. I see it as a way to also help my other subject I'm passionate about, history, as a means of helping teach others about the small stories and tales that make up a greater history.

- I'm looking forward to being able to learn deeper about so many subjects I've barely been able to scratch the surface of prior, especially with all of the different people that make up my peers.

-  love baseball, from the sport itself to the history and the niches of the stadiums in which it is played. I have started collecting a cap from every major team that is steadily growing with progress. My favorite team is the Arizona Diamondbacks but you will probably still find me wearing a variety of caps because those styles are so good sometimes.

Caleb Jones Shibu
Goa, IN

MS in Computer Science

- I selected computer science as my major to solve real world problems and automate it using deep learning. I want to develop technology that uses AI which could change the lives of people in a meaningful way. 

- To experience the new culture, explore Tucson, do research in an amazing interdisciplinary field while learning from the best, meet new people and lastly capture the sunset/sunrise from the mountain tops. 

L Zabokrtsky
Endicott, NE

BS in Computer Science  

- Because I have used computers a lot, and I would like to learn what makes them tick Not knowing anyone and starting over and meeting new people and learning what Tucson is about

- I can be very meticulous.

Amber Quinn

BS in Computer Science

- My dad, a computer and electrical engineer, introduced me into the field at a very young age. Since, I have been fortunate enough to maintain a paid internship at a consulting company working with computer software. Technology in general has always been an interest of mine.

- I am most looking forward to the classes and coursework. I have always enjoyed broadening my knowledge especially my programming vocabulary! 
- I would like others to know that I am very approachable. I am excited to study, work, and learn from the other students on a similar path.



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