CS Graduate Student Council

Our mission:

Provide computer science graduate students with a centralized representative body that communicates and collaborates with the Computer Science Department and the College of Science to ensure that Graduate Student needs are reflected in official policy decisions. Additionally, the Computer Science Graduate Student Council helps to foster a positive, friendly and supportive environment for Graduate Students in the Computer Science Department by regularly hosting social events and activities throughout the year.

 Your officers:

Jacob Miller headshot


Jacob Miller

George Barbosa headshot

Vice President

George Barbosa

Moyeen GSC


Moyeen Uddin

Yinan GSC


Yinan Li

Learn more about our CSGSC voting, elections, roles, etc. by viewing our CSGSC Constitution

Here are some examples of the work we do:
 - Social Events. The CS Graduate Student Council hosts bi-weekly Game Afternoons and Grad Teas for all CS faculty and graduate students. Food and drinks are provided (as are games, in the case of Game Afternoons)! Possibly more events will be added in the future as well, depending on student interest.
Workshops. Sometimes, the CS GSC works with faculty or staff to host workshops for students, often in conjunction with Social Events. Examples of past workshops include Graduate Assistant Evaluations and Career-Track Teaching Jobs.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. A returning-after-hiatus position on the Council is DEI officer, which we hope will aid in promoting a diverse and inclusive environment for all graduate students. Work will include serving on the department DEI committee as well as any other initiatives of their choosing.
Panels. The CS GSC has worked with staff in the past to host panels for undergraduate students, such as about grad school.
Prospective Faculty Interviews. As part of the department's New Faculty Hiring Process, graduate students are invited to participate in interviews with each candidate. The CS GSC assists with this.
Department Status Meetings. CS GSC students participate in a monthly meeting with department leadership to voice concerns and get updated on happenings in the department.
Office Hours. Weekly or monthly office hours are held by the CS GSC President to give students a forum to discuss comments or concerns about the department.

Elections are held every January. More information about elections for the 2024-2025 school year will be available in November 2023. For information on each available position, see the CSGSC Constitution


The CSGSC, working with the Academic Services Office, helps new CS graduate students connect with current and experienced students. If you are an existing CS graduate student and are interested in serving as a mentor, complete this form. If you are a new CS graduate student and would like to have a mentor, complete this form


Your CSGSC hosts social events including Grad Student Tea, Semi-Annual Forums, Game Nights, and more. These are great opportunities to meet your peers! Join us. Events can be viewed on the CS Graduate Student Calendar.


Make your voice heard! All CS graduate students are encouraged to participate and engage with the CSGSC. You can participate by attending meetings, social events and contacting officers directly. We want to make sure that you have ample opportunities to voice your needs, concerns, and suggestions for improving your experience at UA and in the Department of Computer Science.  

CS Graduate Student Calendar

Your CSGSC hosts social events, workshops, etc. . See the calendar below for relevant UA, college, department, and CSGSC events.