Checklist for Applying

Please review the Graduate College Admissions website in addition to the departmental application checklist below.


✓ Online Application: Apply Now

The admissions committee will only review complete online applications, which will include letters of recommendation and test scores, that are submitted by the admission deadline. Materials that are not submitted online will be disregarded.


✓ Transcripts

Upload unofficial pdf versions of all transcripts to the online application. If a grading scheme other than the conventional 0-4 is used by an institution, submit a scanned copy of the key to the transcript to include the grading scheme used by each such institution. If transcripts are in a language other than English, upload both the original and its English translation.


✓ GRE score 

Note: The GRE has been waived for Fall 2024 admission.

During semesters when GRE's are not waived, each applicant will need to submit GRE test scores (general test only). These scores must be sent directly to the University by ETS (code for UA is 4832).

Note: Students who earn a UA BA/BS/MS CS degree aren't required to submit GRE scores.


✓ English Proficiency score

International applicants must submit valid English proficiency scores. The University of Arizona's institution code for sending official electronic score reports from ETS is 4832.

Note: Exemptions to this requirement.


✓ Letters of Recommendation

A minimum of two confidential letters of recommendation must be submitted online (by the recommender). The letters should be written by a faculty member or employer who can testify to an applicant’s research abilities and potential for success in graduate studies. The online application also requires recommenders' names, institutions, and email addresses. The recommenders will be sent an email with information on how to submit the letter. Recommenders must submit the letters online by the application deadline.

We recommend students seek out letter writers for whom they have developed a relationship, ideally beyond just having taken a course.  Additionally, to give letter writers appropriate time and materials, one should start building these connections long before the application deadline and be prepared to discuss their application with their letter writers.  The following websites offer additional advice on how to identify and communicate with potential letter writers:


✓ Statement of Purpose

This is an opportunity for each applicant to tell us about themselves and why they would make an excellent addition to the graduate program. The statement of purpose is a one-page personal essay that addresses the following prompts:

  • Why you want to pursue a MS/PhD in computer science.

  • What specific areas of computer science within the department most interest you (shown on the left of that webpage).

  • Areas in which you have completed research.

  • Areas in which you want to pursue research.

  • Why you are specifically interested in the University of Arizona.

  • What you plan to do once you have completed your degree.

  • Indicate which faculty you are interested in working with, and why.


✓ Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Include the following information:

  • Describe any major research activities or programming projects, outlining the project and the role you played in the project.

  • List of peer-reviewed journal publications or any published papers.

  • List of conference presentations or posters (include the conference date, location, and the name of the presentation).

  • Include any work experience in Computer Science (such as relevant internships, volunteer positions, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, etc.)

Important: It is not possible for the admissions committee to pre-evaluate an applicant. Applicants must submit the entire online application with all supporting documents via the official applications process. The decision to recommend or deny admission is made by the Department of Computer Science. When the recommendation for admission is made, the Graduate College will perform a quality control check on each application after the department has made its recommendation to admit. The formal notification of admission or denial will come from the Graduate College.