Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Support Computer Science Courses

Application now available, apply here. Applications due April 22 before 12pm. Interviews will be schedule the week of April 22 for April 26 and 27.


What positions are available?

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Course Coordinator


What is an undergraduate teaching assistant (UGTA)?

UGTAs in the Department of Computer Science assist instructors in delivering undergraduate computer science courses. CS introductory courses utilize active learning and collaborative learning spaces to provide a collaborative and supportive environment for students learning programming skills. All teaching assistants have taken and excelled in the courses they support and are familiar with the material to mentor new students as they learn.


Which courses do UGTAs support?

Currently UGTAs support CSC 101, 110, 120, 210, 245, and 335. Beginning in Fall 2019, there may also be opportunity for LAs to support CSC 252, 345, and 352.


What do learning assistants do?

UGTAs have varying responsibilities, depending on the course. In general, UGTAs will:

  • Attend class lectures to support collaborative in-class activities

  • Offer office hours to help students one-on-one

  • Answer student questions via course discussion forums

  • Offer supplemental instruction section each week

  • Assist with grading assignments and exams

  • Help develop and test course content

  • Actively participate in weekly staff meetings


What is a course coordinator?

Course coordinators are experienced UGTAs that assist the instructor with course management and will have a supervisory role with the course UGTAs.


What do course coordinators do?

Course coordinators are expected to help the instructor with the many facets of managing large courses that have many students and many UGTAs supporting these students. Course coordinator duties will vary in each course and in general course coordinators will:

  • Assist with classroom management

  • Assist with UGTA coordination and supervision

  • Assist with developing, reviewing, and testing homework problems, quizzes, and exam questions

  • Assist students via email and course discussion forums

  • Assist with grading and monitoring grading of UGTAs

  • Assist in covering for absent UGTAs

  • Assist with preparation for and attend weekly staff meetings

  • Other duties as assigned by instructor


What are the qualifications to be a course coordinator? A teaching assistant?

Qualifications for Course Coordinator

  1. Previous SL/UGTA in course to which applying with positive reviews from instructor(s) and students (Preferred)

  2. Strong interest in supporting instructors with course management

  3. Willingness to mentor other students and support them to be successful UGTAs

  4. Demonstrated organizational and communication skills

  5. Ability to attend lectures of class in which applying to be coordinator

  6. Interest in supporting collaborative and positive environments for CS students

  7. Availability to attend weekly course meetings and other planning meetings, as needed

  8. Currently in good academic standing with overall and major GPAs

  9. Availability to work approximately 15 hours per week


Qualifications for Teaching Assistant

  1. Willingness to mentor CS students and support them to be successful college students

  2. Demonstrated organizational and communication skills

  3. Ability to attend lectures of class in which applying to be UGTA

  4. Interest in supporting collaborative and positive environments for CS students

  5. Availability to attend weekly course meetings

  6. Completion of CSC 120 with a grade of B or better

  7. Currently in good academic standing with overall and major GPAs

  8. Availability to work 10-12 hours per week


What does the typical weekly schedule look like?

  • 3-4 hours of course lecture

  • 2 hours for office hours

  • 2-3 hours grading

  • 1 hour weekly course meeting

  • 1 hour weekly training


Is this is a paid position or can I get course credit?

Yes, students may receive pay or course credit for being a teaching assistant. However, students may not get both. When offered a teaching assistant position, students will select to be compensated by hourly pay or 3 units of upper division P/F elective credit.


Compensation begins at $12.50/hr and increases with semesters of experience and role; course coordinators do receive a higher hourly rate.


How is this different from the section leader program?

Given changes in the way computer science courses are offered and the removal of all discussion sections, we had to modify the way we support undergraduate courses. To start anew, we now have Undergraduate Teaching Assistants. This is still an opportunity to work directly with students and instructors in computer science classes and support students as they move through the computer science curriculum. UGTAs work with students in course lectures each day, via office hours, and through online forums. Some courses will also have additional supplemental instruction sessions where UGTAs will work through practice problems to help students build their skills and better understand difficult and new concepts.