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Course Related Resources 

Change of Schedule

Use the Change of Schedule Form to add and drop classes.  Please refer to the Dates and Deadlines page on when this form is applicable during the semester.

Transfer Credit Approval Form (Undergrads Only)

If you will be taking a class outside the University of Arizona and hope to apply it to your degree here, you must have the course(s) approved (and preferably before you take the course(s)) using a Transfer Credit Preapproval Form. For courses taken at a community college in the state of Arizona, review the equivalencies at the Course Equivalency Guide (no need to submit a transfer credit approval form). For Computer Science courses, submit your request.

Grade Related Resources 

Report of Incomplete Grade

An agreement between an instructor and student of terms for receiving an incomplete grade in a course. Use the Report of Incomplete Grade Form. See the General Catalog for the University's incomplete grade policy.

Grade Replacement Opportunity

The Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) allows students to replace a grade of C, D, or E by repeating the course.  GRO requests may be submitted through UAccess Student during GRO Filing Periods.  Please see Steps for filing GRO Requests.

Grade Appeal Process

The Grade Appeal Process is open to those students who wish to appeal a grade in a course where they feel the grade was inappropriately given. If the student wishes to seek a higher grade in a course than was awarded, and cannot resolve the matter with her/his instructor, the student will need to follow the grade appeal process.

Individual Studies Proposal Form

Use the Individual Studies Proposal Form (or Independent Study Form) as a contract between the student and the faculty member. It is meant to help ensure all parties are aware of the expectations for independent study, internship, preceptorship, directed research, and thesis.

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