Interested in what your peers are creating? Interested in collaborating with your peers on projects? 

IdeaLab is the place to start!

About Us:

IdeaLab is all about your ideas, your projects, your choice. We aim to foster creativity and create opportunities for students to develop their personal work and dreams.  

We can accomplish these goals through counseling and advising in the ideation, connecting and networking in the collaboration, and coaching throughout the execution processes.  

IdeaLab is also invested in your personal development - look out for a series of technology workshops and industry events (from the likes of Microsoft and Google), broadening your technological horizons and connecting you to the right people.


- Brainstorming: Ideation, Design, and Timeline Advice Every Step of the Way

- Networking: Broadcast Your Ideas and Connect With Your Peers Across the University of Arizona

- Enrichment: Connect Directly With the Industry as well as Faculty to Maximize Personal Growth in Computer Science