Need a Tutor?

The Department of Computer Science offers FREE tutoring for students enrolled in CSC courses.

The second 7 week spring 2020 schedule is still being worked on.


The CSC tutoring center is closed for in-person meetings. You can schedule a virtual tutoring session below:CLICK HERE TO ADD YOURSELF TO THE TUTORING CENTER QUEUE


Private Tutoring

We currently don't have private tutors readily available, but you can email tutorcoords@cs.arizona.edu if you'd like assistance in finding a private tutor and you'll be updated if any become available.

Interested in being a Tutor?

Tutoring Center Positions

We are not currently hiring tutors for Spring 2020.

Tutoring Center Guidelines

Students asking for tutoring are expected to:
  • Come prepared with questions

  • Be familiar with assignment

  • Have assignment specs with them

  • Be willing to work hard for the solution

  • Treat the tutors with respect

Tutors are expected to:
  • Assist with high-level concepts

  • Tutor appropriate level of student and not student they are in class with

  • Help students understand the problem they are trying to solve

  • Not provide solutions

  • Not program for students

If you have any questions/concerns/comments about tutoring in the Department of Computer Science, contacttutorcoords@cs.arizona.edu