Sushma Akoju headshot

Sushma Anand Akoju

PhD Student
Office: GS 710
Interests: Knowledge representation and reasoning, Neuro-symbolic approaches, Information extraction, Question & Answer System, Rule based systems, Automated theorem proving, ML-based Theorem Proving, Logic based systems, Bayesian learning, Uncertainity
Advisor: Dr. Mihai Surdeanu
Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

Professor Emeritus
Interests: all aspects of parallel and distributed computing including languages, applications, "systems" issues, and performance.
(Ph.D., University of Washington, 1974)
Eric Anson headshot

Eric Anson

Associate Professor of Practice
Office: GS 809
Interests: Theoretical computer science, computational biology, algorithms, history of computing, machine learning.
(Ph.D., The University of Arizona, 2000)
Peter Downey

Peter Downey

Professor Emeritus
Interests: probabilistic analysis of algorithms and systems, with particular emphasis on modeling the performance of parallel algorithms.
(Ph.D., Harvard University, 1974)
Alon Efrat headshot

Alon Efrat

Associate Professor
Office: GS 742
Interests: Geometric pattern machining, realistic input models, geographics information science and spatial databases, algorithms for mobile robots.
(Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University, 1998)

John H. Hartman

Associate Professor
Interests: Scalable storage systems, network file systems, and distributed operating systems.
(Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1994)

Peter Jansen

Associate Professor, School of Information
Office: Harvill 437C
Research Interests: natural language processing, artificial intelligence, explanation-centered inference, knowledge representation, virtual environments.

Ming Li

Associate Professor, ECE
Interests: Computer networking, network security, wireless security, privacy-enhancing technologies, cyber-physical system security.
Jason Pacheco headshot

Jason Pacheco

Assistant Professor
Office: GS 724
Interests: Statistical machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, approximate inference algorithms, and information-theoretic decision making
(Ph.D., Brown University, 2016)

Sudha Ram

Professor, Management Information Systems
Office: McClelland Hall 430J
Interests: Enterprise Data Management. Semantic Interoperability among Heterogeneous Data Sources. Biological Data Integration. Semantic Modeling Data Provenance and Quality.

Martin Schulz

Affiliate Faculty
Interests: parallel and distributed architectures and applications; performance monitoring, modeling and analysis; memory system optimization; parallel programming paradigms; tool support for parallel programming; power efficiency for parallel systems; op
Mayank Singh Headshot

Mayank Singh

PhD Student
Office: GS 710
Interests: Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, Machine Learning, Commonsense reasoning, Question Answering, Computational Semantics
Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Blanco

Michelle Strout

Interests: High performance computing, compilers including use of the polyhedral model, parallel programming models, scientific computing, and software engineering.
(Ph.D., University of California at San Diego, 2003)
Manujinda Wathugala headshot

Manujinda Wathugala

PhD Student
Office: N/A
Interests: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Distributed Systems
Advisor: Dr. Kobus Barnard
Yao Zhao headshot

Yao Zhao

PhD Student
Office: GS 725
Interests: Machine Learning, Bandit Problem and Mathematical Optimization
Advisor: Dr. Kwang-Sung Jun